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Writing Jokes is more than just entertainment, it's business!

New material can be hit or miss....
Lets fix that!

"If the average open mic set is 5 minutes and you've got several 5 minute bits, do you really want to wait weeks to try them all or even worse -- FORGET to tell them? What about all those jokes you wrote on a napkin, wait...where's that napkin? 🤦

We want to streamline the preparation process and help you get organized because comedy isn't just entertainment, it's a business!

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Time Your Set

We'll automatically determine your set time before you hit the stage.

Content Analysis

Find out the emotion and tone of your material before you try it!

Organize your material

Quickly organize your material into set lists for better execution.


Club Listings

Be the first to find out when new clubs come online.

Ownership and Plagiarism Checker

Find out if someone is hijacking your jokes.

Audio Translation

Quickly migrate your audio recordings into searchable text

How does it work?

Creating content also means a constant need for organization and the ability to call back that information at a later time. You simply can't do that with a notebook.

Let's see how to quickly add content and build a set list.


What folks are saying about LaughSearch


Tyron Foston

LaughSearch Founder/Owner

"When I performed for Comcast's Comedy Showcase, I had to time my material, organize my set and adapt my content for a television audience. That gig, along with comedy festivals in Boston, Vegas, Sacramento and Cape May gave me the idea for LaughSearch. It's a comics assisant."



CEO, The Real Amaru Comedy Productions LLC

"The crowd expects you to be funny as soon you hit the stage .That's what they come out to see. LaughSearch made it easy for me to do that."

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