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Never lose a joke again. Ever.

You've got a great joke. It's hilarious. You hurriedly jot it down somewhere. But where? Too often, what would've been a great joke is gone because you didn't have a place to store it.


24-hour access to your content from any device, anytime.


All of your joke material is encrypted and stored securely.


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Your Set

Automatically determine your set time before you hit the stage.


Find out the emotion and tone of your material before you try it!

your material

Quickly organize your material into set lists for better execution.

Getting polished just got easier.

  • "The crowd expects you to be funny as soon you hit the stage .That's what they come out to see. LaughSearch made it easy for me for do that."
    Amaru Lewis, CEO, The Real Amaru Comedy Productions LLC

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The Comedian Content Solution.

You've got a great set that you want to organize for a big gig. You want to time your material and group your jokes based on topic. You want to kill the crowd. LaughSearch allows you to do just that.



You've probalby got tons of material that won't see the light of day.


Centralized location to store your content.

Stop sifting through stacks of paper. Easily organize and locate content by date, topic or phrase.

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What's that tag I said?

Losing a joke is never funny. It's frustrating when you can't remember the great idea you had yesterday.


Never lose a joke again. Ever.

With LaughSearch, you can easily find your material. Simply type in a keyword, phrase or date, and retrieve.

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Start sharpening BEFORE the open mic

Not every joke will fit every audience. Knowing the tone of your material is essential.


Content Analysis.

Before you step on stage, know if your material has a witty edge, an angry theme or a sarcastic tone, or something in between. Create the set you want for the audience you'll have.

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Don't Go Over

You've got a big gig coming up and you need to cut or add a few minutes to make it fit.


Time Your Set.

LaughSearch allows you to easily time you content, based on all of your material or parts of it. You can time according to theme, keyword, phrase or date.

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  • "When I performed for Comcast's Comedy Showcase, I had to time my material, organize my set and adapt my content for a television audience. That gig, along with comedy festivals in Boston, Vegas, Sacramento and Cape May gave me the idea for LaughSearch. It's a comedian's toolbox." -- Tyron Foston, Founder and CEO, LaughSearch

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Never lose a joke again

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